History Of Islamia University Bahawalpur (IUB)

Throughout its history, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur offered its students undergraduate and post graduate education characterized by breath and flexibility, under pinned by the academic excellence.

Graduates from this university are expected to display imagination, quick-thinking and intellectual discipline; qualities that fit in well with the aims of National Educational Policy.

The university is driving the process of knowledge transfer, business development technology enhancement in to the heart of the economy of southern Punjab. The university is also helping to meet the need for highly trained individuals, scholars and researchers through out the country.

The IUB is not an ivory tower but is fully engaged to drive the regional economy and society. The talented students will not only graduate in an increasingly multi-national, multi-culture, and multi-ethnic world, but will also be enterprising, creative and innovative.

The university is enabling students to develop and apply their subject-based skills in an international arena and an exchange program is enabling students to undertake work experience in highly professional institutes, giving them transferable skills. Performance indicators show that 85% of graduates from the university are in employment or studying further and also serving at the government-set benchmarks.


I am pleased to say that students of this university have enjoyed many recent accomplishments and look to the future with enthusiasm and confidence.

My most important message to you is that you should have highly dreams to fulfill and greater heights to search and reach.The developing infrastructure in Pakistan is supporting academy prowess with research excellence forming the base of all our academy activates. With globalization of higher education fueled by burgeoning demand of economic wealth and culture aspiration The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB) is poised to expend its operations to become a truly standard university.

Untiring and endeavors have been made to maintain and improve the position of IUB Bahawalpur as a leader of high education in Punjab enhancing social values and fully implementing longstanding principles of education to meet the expectation of people and the government. It is hoped that IUB will enhance already existing excellent research infrastructure meeting the needs of intellectuals and research student’s commitment to excellence has ever remained the distinction of IUB, providing learners the finest education and a supportive learning environment.

To meet the challenges of the current scenario, it is anticipated that IUB will take further necessary measures to sustain its position among the prestigious institutes of the country. Ever challenging enthusiastic and persuading environment of the university provides a good arena to groom and nourish. I would like to encourage the Islamians to lead the student community in Pakistan.

It is the need of the day to provide quality education to students equips them with better handling skills to meet the challenges of future. Let us reshape our world, Pakistan, with the commitment of hard work, sincerity and dedication.